Corkhill Manufacturing Co. porch & terrace Screen Enclosures are our specialty. All components of the enclosure are manufactured in house and custom made to fit any size porch or terrace. Vertical and horizontal mullions can be positioned to your requirements. Storm Panel inserts can also be manufactured to fit into new or existing screen enclosures.

All framing sections including crossbars are made of heavy gauge tubular 6063-T5 extruded aluminum. All screen enclosures come standard with charcoal ļ¬breglass 18 x 16 mesh but other options are also available. Colors available are factory applied by electrostatic spray PPG Polycron 111 high solid polyester paint in bronze, silver or white finish.

Installations done by Corkhill Manufacturing shall be anchored securely to resist wind loads as required by sub-article 906.0 and live loads as required by Section C26-902.3(b) of the building code. The enclosures are consisted of open screening and are of lightweight, non-combustible materials which do not include any masonry or insulation.